The RenoSys Problem/Solution Log
West Coast Aquatics – Mill Creek, WA
West Coast Aquatics, a private swim club that focuses on competitive team
training had reached a critical decision point. They had delayed addressing
the badly deteriorated and leaking pool shell and aging plumbing, but were
also being sited by their HealthBoard for having unsafe operating conditions,
resulting from their crumbling concrete gutter. They were under pressure to
acquire the mandated repairs and to address as many other failures as possible
within their limited available funds. Because they are an indoor facility,
they were ideally suited for our DuraTech PVC Gutter/Grating System and
attached RenoSys PVC Membrane System. RenoSys Corporation had successfully
completed an almost identical conversion at Lakes High School in Seattle,
which served as excellent reference for them to visit in person.

The club's crumbling concrete gutter was demolished and replaced with a custom
fabricated PVC Gutter & Grating System, which also eliminated the aged and
failing plumbing. The PVC Membrane provided a new pool surface, which vastly
improved the club's aesthetics. The end result was like having a brand new
pool. Future plans for the club include resurfacing the pool deck and locker
rooms using our RecDeck PVC Flooring System.

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