The RenoSys Problem/Solution Log
Lytle Pool – Mattoon, IL
When the decision makers at Mattoon, IL finally had to renovate their pool in 2011, they knew just what to do.  Back in 1992 they had ordered a RenoSys PVC Pool Shell and received nearly two decades of service out of that investment.  Lytle Park Pool, one of the largest swimming pools in the country, contains over two million gallons of water, so a leaky pool is not an option.  While the membrane was beginning to show it’s age, it was because of the stringent IL State Regulations requiring new main drains and lines to achieve anti-entrapment compliance that the decision was made to finally replace the original membrane. 

In order to improve on the already exceptional performance of the original membrane, RenoSys recommended upgrading the membrane from it’s standard product to the Extra UV and Chlorine resistant Infinity grade, and further suggested implementing the use of a Stainless Steel Compression Flange, which is welded directly to the bottom of the existing Stainless Steel Gutter. This component eliminates the caulk joint between the stainless steel gutter and the concrete wall, creating a continuous watertight cohesive transition from wall to floor. These upgrades were approved by the town without hesitation.  The board agreed that with the experience they had with their original membrane, they trusted RenoSys to recommend the best total solution to their problems.

The old membrane was successfully removed – illustrated. Fabrication and installation of the new Stainless Steel Compression Flange and new VGB Compliant drains were completed.  Installation of the new RenoSys PVC Membrane System is underway and on schedule for completion in plenty of time for Memorial Day 2011.  You can watch this installation in process as we post regular feeds of the progress.

Additional progress photos below.

Kym Webster

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