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A seamless DuraTech PVC Gutter can be installed independently or it may be combined with a RenoSys PVC Pool Shell interior and RecDeck PVC Decking to give the entire project the low maintenance durability of pool formulated PVC. PVC is a fraction of the cost of steel and is available with a wide range of styles and custom options designed to fit your project requirements. (Primarily for use on indoor pool applications)

The DuraTech PVC gutter is leveled and anchored in grout on top of the new or existing pool wall, creating an integral pool supply/return system. A DuraTech gutter can be attached to a PVC Pool Shell and PVC Decking to make your entire project attractive, low maintenance, and durable. Our gutters come in a variety of styles designed to fit any application.

PVC Gutter Advantages:

Our 1/4" thick watertight PVC gutters offer slip-resistant surfacing, efficient designs, low maintenance, several grating choices and custom options but at a fraction of the cost of steel. (Primarily for use on indoor pool applications)

  • No Grounding Required
  • Lower Installation Costs
  • Cushions Impact
  • Seamless Construction
  • 15 Year Warranty

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