SoftSide PVC Padded Flooring

SoftSide PVC Padded Flooring

SoftSide Padded Flooring is perfect for today’s demanding safety fall zone applications.  SoftSide is an incredibly durable, 1/4” to 4” thick, watertight, textured, slip-resistant covered foam padding system designed for water playground and pool use.  SoftSide is the solution to your dry or wet safety surfacing needs.


  • Resilient 
  • Impact Absorbing
  • Watertight
  • Textured Slip-Resistance
  • UV Stabilized
  • Low Maintenance


  • Spray Play Padding
  • Water Playground Safety Padding
  • Water Slide Pads
  • Wading Pool Flooring
  • Under Diving Boards or Dive Stands
  • Wherever comfortable watertight safety padding is required.


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