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The DuraTech Pool Gutter division of RenoSys offers aquatic designers a series of proven reliable pool perimeter recirculation systems to affordably and cost effectively meets any design challenge. Featured offerings include our revolutionary and very affordable indoor use of all PVC gutter system, to our 304 low carbon Stainless Steel (or PVC covered) trench gutters, or our complete Stainless Steel integral perimeter supply and return systems. Backed by one of the best warranties in the industry, DuraTech is your assurance of a pool gutter system that will remain attractive as it reliably meets the challange of the aquatic environment. We offer designers full Auto Cad design assistance and flow calculation analysis on your project. DuraTech can be combined with a FuturaPool Wall, a RenoSys PVC interior, or a RecDeck pool deck surface to make all exposed surfaces from the walls of the facility to the main drain attractive, durable and low maintenance.


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Stainless Steel Features:

  • Durable Stainless Steel Construction - Our stainless steel gutters are engineered with 12 gauge stainless steel to help resist corrosion and last long.
  • Slip Resistant Surfacing - DuraTech gutter systems are manufactured with a slip resistant sand blasted surface.
  • Efficient - DuraTech gutter systems provide a more balanced distribution of water flow and are designed for every pool type and use.
  • Watertight - Our stainless steel gutters are TIG welded and hydrostatically tested to ensure they are completely watertight.
  • Low Maintenance - DuraTech gutters eliminate the need for buried pipes that often become damaged or deteriorate causing expensive repairs.
  • Many Colors and Styles of Grating - DuraTech has a number of grating configurations to fit any of our gutter systems.
  • Optional Equipment - DuraTech offers many custom options for your recirculation needs.


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