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A Versatile Pool Vessel for Ground Level Construction or Renovation



You may be in the market for brand new pool construction or you might be looking for commercial pool renovation. Regardless of the scope of your project, the pool vessel itself should take precedence since it forms the base of your pool for decades to come. If you're unfamiliar with stainless-steel pool vessels, they are fast becoming a material of choice due to their durability, design flexibility, and performance. Instead of conventional pool vessel construction like concrete, stainless-steel offers a variety of benefits – and we designed our on-grade FuturaPool™ to harness the strength and versatility of stainless-steel to create top-quality pools.



On-grade (or ground level) pool construction demands a pool vessel that can adapt to changing surface conditions. The ground itself will naturally shift and temperatures and elements will all affect the pool vessel itself. FuturaPool is crafted from tough, sturdy stainless-steel – but we also reinforce the body of the pool with our patented unique Unibrace™ buttress system. The Unibrace system adds stability and support to the pool vessel and guards against natural forces that affect every pool.



FuturaPool is ideal for both new construction and renovation. Since it's also FINA-compliant, it's also a great option for competition pools and we frequently employ our versatile stainless-steel pool vessel for: schools, YMCAs, community pools, neighborhood pools, and more. FuturaPool is TIG-welded and pressure-tested to ensure that you'll experience watertight, reliable performance.



A good pool vessel needs a great pool interior – and most clients select our PVC pool liner. The 60 mil PVC pool liner is manufactured from thick PVC that is custom-textured for slip resistance. Each PVC liner encapsulates the pool vessel and creates another layer of watertight security. The PVC membrane is attractive and more comfortable than conventional pool surfaces; many swimmers prefer the PVC liner to a typical uneven and rough pool interior. The combination of a PVC pool liner and the FuturaPool stainless-steel pool vessel is an unbeatable, leak-free performance combination!


We utilized both our pool vessel and PVC liner for an amazing renovation of a 1960s pool. The pool began life as an average pool with a diving board. After the renovation, it became a water-park style destination. The pool now has a zero-depth entry, kids play area, water slides, and plenty of swim space for everyone. The renovation created a destination-style pool from a basic 60s-style pool stuck in the past...all made possible by FuturaPool.


If you're building new or renovating an old pool, the right pool vessel (and pool interior) make all the difference. Contact us and find out how our decades of experience will work for you. You can call, click, or email. Call and ask for a free brochure of both FuturaPool and our 60 mil thick PVC pool liner – you can also receive free samples of the pool liner to the difference a better pool surface could make. Be sure to connect with us online: like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and Instagram!



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