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Safety That Custom Fits Your Aquatic Center


When you're creating a safety system for your aquatic center, it's important that it fits: not just your needs, but your actual, physical structures. That's why a custom safety pad is ideal for almost any facility – but not just any safety pad... one designed by aquatics professionals exclusively for the pool! If you're ready to ensure that your guests have the best safety padding in the business, keep reading for more on a safety system that just fits.


Almost every aquatic center has some area that can be improved with quality safety padding. Structures like dive platforms, diving boards, water slide run outs, water play equipment and more all benefit from the right type of protection. And the wrong type of protection is certainly out there – padding that might work for playgrounds isn't meant for your pool.



SoftSide Safety pads are different; they offer excellent fall-zone protection but with the added bonus of being designed to withstand the tough treatment dished out by your aquatic facility. From frequent water exposure, to pool chemicals, to usage, sunlight and more, your pool is a rough environment – and your safety padding needs to be able to handle it. SoftSide is made from cushioning safety foam covered in watertight PVC. The PVC exterior is pore-free and hygienic and also textured for additional stability. The outside of the padding is formulated to resist both fading and common organic growth, making it perfect for the pool. SoftSide pads easily handle pool water and the usage that comes with an aquatic center.



Depending on your protection needs, SoftSide is available from 1/2”-4” thick and in both ready-to-order sizes as well as custom options that work great for those tricky structures or hard-to-fit areas. Even if you're not looking at fall-zones, another consideration is something like a water-slide run out or the entrance to a slide. There are plenty of areas that could benefit from proper padding and custom pads make it easy.


When you're looking at protecting an area like under/around a dive stand or diving board, the appropriate safety pad is important. The good news is that SoftSide pads are endorsed by noted aquatic safety expert Dr. Tom Griffiths. SoftSide pads received the endorsement after Dr. Griffiths reviewed impressive test data that showed:


SoftSide pads reduced critical head impact trauma by 97%

and eliminated fatal head impact trauma by 100%!


Those numbers alone should reassure you that your fall-zones would be much safer once covered with the appropriate SoftSide safety pad. The right safety system makes all the difference and a custom safety system has never been easier than custom pads like SoftSide.


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