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Water Play Features: Adding Fun for the Whole Family.

As the weather begins to tease us with a warm day here and there, the hot days of summer will be here before you know it, and if you operate a public pool or aquatic center you’ve probably already begun to plan ways of keeping families entertained this summer. If your old pool is struggling to compete with the myriad of other entertainment options on offer, some water play features could be exactly what your facility needs.

Maui the Whale


Modern water play equipment is available in all sorts of creative and attractive designs. Our own adorable Maui the Whale™ is incredibly popular at every park he calls home. The greatest benefit to installing a dedicated play area is that it makes your center really stand out to parents and young children. The little ones who are too small for large slides and deep water can splash and play in a zero-depth area with all sorts of fun water-play elements.

Communities who want something fun for their residents often opt for a splash pad. A splash pad (or sprayground) has water features, but no standing water. Children can have fun with water in a safe, purpose-built area without the need for a lifeguard.

When RenoSys installs water-play elements, safety is number one. Maui himself is manufactured with our SoftSide™ Safety Padding: a durable, PVC surface over thick safety foam. Our RecDeck™ PVC Flooring is a good idea for any pool, but the textured non-slip PVC plays and especially important role in this application, because we all know that no matter how many times you say “no running”, someone is going to be in a hurry to hit the water.


So if you're building a new pool or considering renovating your old one, think about adding some water play features for your youngest guests. Not only will it help keep your patrons safe, by providing a separate area for young children, it will also draw more guests who want something age-appropriate, safe, and fun.


RenoSys can help you with your kids' area every step of the way. Call or click to speak with one of our experienced team members and get a quote.

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