Q&A: Cleaning & Maintaining Your RecDeck

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Q&A: Cleaning & Maintaining Your RecDeck

We receive different questions about RenoSys' products; recently we got an inquiry about how to clean RecDeck and remove possible stains. Since it's a good question, and we have the answer - we wanted to ensure you'd have another resource that could help your facility. 

We know that once an installation is finished, taking care of the products and following our maintenance recommendations is up to the customer. We also know that your customers or patrons can't always be relied on to take as good of care as you do! It's a fact of life: if you have patrons at a your facility, they can track in dirt, spill things, drop items that make a mess...and worst case, leave the mess for you to clean up. If you have our RecDeck, the good news is that we have specific guidelines for cleaning and protecting our durable PVC flooring, and making sure it lasts and performs for years to come.

Question: What is a simple step we can take to keep RecDeck in good shape?

Answer: Probably the simplest answer is that prevention is far better than trying to find a cure. We recommend that you frequently inspect your flooring and remove anything that is unsightly or could trip or harm a guest. Twigs, branches, (if outside) trash, etc. may not harm the actual flooring - but it's a good habit to get into keeping your flooring clean and free of debris or hazards. The habit of regular inspection will also alert you to any spills or messes left by guests.


Question: Should I clean RecDeck regularly or only if someone makes a mess? 

Answer: Again, just as you inspect and clean other areas of your aquatic center, you'll want to develop a habit of cleaning your RecDeck. Regular simple cleaning will help prevent the accumulation of dirt and grime. A weekly cleaning is easy to do and will keep your RecDeck looking good. A light pressure-washing, or gentle brushing with non-abrasive cleaner, and then hosing it off is all it should take. Depending on your facility's sanitation methods, steam-cleaning will also work on RecDeck.


Question: We try to keep food and drinks in certain areas, but we still have kids who frequently spill everything from drinks to food sauce that can stain our flooring. How do we handle spills like that?

Answer: Even with the best intentions, lifeguards, pool monitors, and warning signs, kids especially are going to drop things on your deck. The key is to noticing the mess and taking care of it with the right treatment. The method we recommend for deep cleaning (we'll cover that in a minute) can often work: Apply a paste-type cleaner (SoftScrub with Clorox, or a citrus-based formula) over the area, allow it to sit for about 10 minutes, scrub with a soft nylon-bristle brush and rinse off. We do recommend that you test a small sample area if you plan to use any cleaner we didn't mention. One big warning: no matter how desperate you may be to remove that mustard from a dropped hot-dog, please follow our directions carefully and do not use any thinner-based products on RecDeck! It will remove the top print - and then you'd have a problem that you wouldn't like any better than the mustard. Following our recommendations should be all you'll need. Feel free to call us if you're stuck. 


Question: Our pool deck sees heavy use, and we're in a damp climate as well. Is there anything we should spray on RecDeck to help keep it clean?

Answer: Luckily, RecDeck is formulated with biocides to discourage fungal and algae growth. Depending on your area, and site conditions, you can spray a light fungicide or disinfectant.  A disinfectant will just be added insurance and keep your flooring sanitary, especially in heavy usage. 


Question: How often can I deep clean my RecDeck, and how should I do that? Is it more involved than a weekly cleaning?

Answer: Generally, we recommend that you use your judgement based on the conditions at your facility and your specific cleaning needs. Monthly or quarterly deep cleanings are a good idea, and we do recommend these periodic deep cleanings. As we stated above, for a deep clean you'll want to use the paste-type cleaner like SoftScrub with Clorox, or a citrus-based paste cleaner. Apply, wait 10 minutes, and scrub with a soft nylon-bristle brush - then rinse clean. Again, do not use any cleaner with a thinner-based formula. Spot test any non-recommended cleaner in an inconspicuous area.


Question: What about getting RecDeck ready for winter at an outdoor pool, or opening in spring?

Answer: We suggest that to prolong the life of your RecDeck, a plastic or cloth covering can be used to keep RecDeck insulated from the elements. RecDeck is a very durable product, but time, sunlight, snow, ice, etc. affect anything kept outdoors. If you choose to cover RecDeck, you should perform a thorough deep clean first, as we described above. As for spring, depending on your site, you can hose it off - although a good cleaning would be beneficial in most cases.


We tried to cover some of the most common questions that apply to RecDeck, but if we didn't answer your specific care question, our team is available to help you enjoy your RenoSys product. Give us a call: (800) 783-7005. 

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