The New Wave in Physical Therapy - PT in Your Pool

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The New Wave in Physical Therapy - PT in Your Pool

 Aquatic Therapy is Becoming a Big Deal


Elite athletes (some of them at the highest level of their respective sports) have found aquatic therapy to be vital and essential for a full and complete recover after a sports injury. Blown-out knees, repaired ankles, muscle pulls and strains... If some of the biggest names in sports are taking their rehab to the water, it's for a good reason. Some benefits of aquatic therapy:


Water provides stability to individuals who might have trouble on land

It supports weak or damaged body parts

The water pressure creates resistance for various exercises

Many people find PT more comfortable and effective than on land

Since no one wants to do physical therapy, the better the patient feels about it, the more likely he or she is to stick with it and complete the regimen



(The downside of aquatic therapy is pretty limited; however, individuals who could have issues with water, and therapy in water, must follow their doctor/PTs' orders.)


Where Do You Come In?

Your commercial pool may have one main purpose, but you can always diversify: If you own or operate a rehabilitation center, your pool is dedicated to helping your patients heal - but if you run a community pool, you probably offer swim lessons alongside aquatic exercise.


Regardless of your facility's main usage, almost any indoor aquatic center can have more than one function. Many aquatic centers have begun having physical aquatic therapy available at their facility. Obviously, a rehab, medical facility, and/or retirement community may have a pool dedicated solely to therapy; however, a community pool might offer time slots to therapists and their clients.  


Where do we come in?


If you already have a pool that is geared toward physical therapy, are thinking of renovating your existing pool with it in mind, or need a totally new pool designed and built, we have the experience and products to make it happen.


Read here about a design RenoSys did for an age-friendly pool. Similar design features also benefit a therapy pool. When we design or renovate a pool with an age-friendly or therapy focus, we can create accessible entries for those who need more stability, separate areas for swimming vs. walking, and we focus on preventing slip-and-fall accidents for those who need added safety.


Our products are the top choice for any client concerned about safety. If you offer aquatic therapy, or have guests at your pool who need extra help avoiding any slip-and-fall accidents, you can't do better than SoftSide™ Safety Padding & Flooring, or our RecDeck™ recreational flooring.


Pictured: RecDeck in a locker-room




If you have clients heading to the pool to get better after an injury, the last thing you want is someone slipping on a wet pool deck and landing on an unforgiving surface. Choose our SoftSide Flooring, which is a durable and textured padded floor. Our SoftSide Safety Pads can be custom-made or ordered in common sizes. In the case of a pool used with therapy in mind, padding is essential around the edges of a pool as well as under and around any structures. When people come to your facility to use the pool and recover from accident or injury, they'll feel more comfortable with good safety measures in place. You'll also be able to feel more comfortable – knowing that accident risk has been dramatically reduced.


Our SoftSide padding and flooring are CPSC-certified. What does that mean to you? It means that they meet rigorous standards set by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. The standards involve fall heights and safety that are set by this federal agency. If you look around your pool and know that you have some safety padding that is aging and needs to be replaced, we'll be happy to show you how SoftSide is the best choice for a replacement padding system. We formulate SoftSide padding and flooring to be durable, textured, to resist algae and fungal growth, and be easy to maintain.


If you're looking for a highly-textured flooring, for the pool deck itself or maybe just the locker or changing rooms, RecDeck is also a great option. RecDeck maintains traction, even when wet, is available in different colors, and is also durable, fade-resistant. It won't chip or flake, and resists mold and fungal growth. It's a great choice for fitness areas as well as pool decks, and we frequently install it over 1/4” padding.


We often recommend a combination of our products, based on the needs of your facility. Our team is happy to answer any questions you have about either new construction or renovation, as well as the unique goals of your aquatic center. If you already offer physical therapy or are considering it, or if that is the sole purpose of your aquatic center, RenoSys can help you achieve the best results possible.


We will design and create a safe aquatic environment for your patrons no matter whom your center serves: swimmers, athletes, exercise buffs, or those rehabbing after an injury. We have designed, built, and installed pools & spas with all different purposes – large outdoor water-park type pools, YMCA community pools, cold-plunge spas, rooftop pools... the list goes on, and we'd be happy to add your pool to it.


Pictured: Stainless Steel cold plunge spa manufactured by RenoSys



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