Stainless Steel: The Foundation for Great Commercial Pools and Spas

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Stainless Steel: The Foundation for Great Commercial Pools and Spas

Stainless steel is everywhere and in everything, it seems. High-end kitchen appliances, trendy and durable jewelry, even as accents on famous buildings and architecture – all made from, or utilizing, stainless steel. Not too long ago, we even wrote about how it's a green product since it's recyclable.


Look familiar? Both the famous St. Louis Arch and Chicago "Bean" are covered in stainless steel. 



RenoSys knows just how important and useful this material is. Both our SummitSeries™ and FuturaPool™ are manufactured (either pre-assembled or for assembly on-site) at our metal fabrication facility. They're watertight, durable, and high-quality for above-grade and modular construction, respectively. They're also tested to be sure they'll be watertight. 



When the project is complete, you might not ever even know that underneath the pool's surface is high-quality stainless steel. Depending on the design, a SummitSeries or FuturaPool might end up covered with a RenoSys PVC pool membrane, mosaic tiles, or, on occasion, retain a natural stainless steel finish.


FuturaPool being installed, and then covered with RenoSys PVC pool shell


A rooftop pool featuring mosaic tile


Natural stainless steel finish on a SummitSeries Spa


Stainless finish on cold-plunge spa



For a pool that will stand the test of time, is strong, durable, and manufactured with our high-quality standards, there's no better choice than a SummitSeries or FuturaPool stainless steel pool vessel. Take some time to go through our website and read about our stainless steel pool vessels; then give our team a call. We'll be happy to talk to you about SummitSeries and FuturaPool and how they could benefit your pool project. 800-783-7005


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