SoftSide™ Safety Pads Make 3m Dive Stands Safer

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SoftSide™ Safety Pads Make 3m Dive Stands Safer

Many aquatic facilities still feature 3 meter diving boards and platforms, but underestimate the serious danger posed by these structures. Athletic Business wrote an article about the risks associated with these boards and platforms. According to the article, safety experts actually recommend that 3m boards/platforms be off-limits to recreational users, and reserved for swim and dive teams only. The board is often the least dangerous part of the structure, as falls from the metal ladders are far more common. Small children are the most at-risk recreational users; their hands are often too small to fully grasp the ladder's handrails, and the steps may often be too steep for their shorter legs. A fall from that height is considered unacceptable in a playground, but is permitted in a wet, often slippery environment; a dangerous irony that can lead to major trauma and even death.


Experts recommend safety modifications: if a center cannot or will not modify the dive structure and its surrounding area, they recommend total removal of the dive tower/board. RenoSys has created a solution allowing aquatic facilities to keep their 3m boards, while dramatically improving the safety of the deck around and below the board.


SoftSide™ Safety Pads by RenoSys are ideal for ensuring safety around pool structures, and anywhere additional protection is needed. Most safety surfacing products are designed for playground applications, which do not experience exposure to harsh pool chemicals. These chemicals can quickly deteriorate and reduce the effectiveness of these products. SoftSide Safety Pads are constructed using the most U.V. and chemical-resistant PVC materials available, and are designed specifically for use in both indoor and outdoor aquatic environments.


SoftSide pads are available in common sizes, but can also be custom-fabricated to any size and to fit around any dive stand. The protective safety foam can vary in thickness depending on specific fall height and has been independently tested to meet CPSC guidelines. It is encased in a durable PVC membrane that is slip-resistant, watertight, and easy to maintain. Formulated with biocides, SoftSide pads resist algae and mold growth – often a worry in aquatic centers.


Carson Valley Swim Center proactively decided to upgrade the safety in their facility by installing SoftSide Safety Pads under their tallest dive stand. The pictures in this article are both from the Carson Valley facility. The swim center found fall-risk to be unacceptable for their patrons, and chose our SoftSide Safety Pads to ensure the safety of their guests. The finished project is a much safer high-dive area, with the added bonus of increasing visitor safety and confidence.




If you'd like to see how RenoSys can improve the security around your high-dive stand, give us a call today at 800-783-7005. 

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