The Do's and Don'ts of Cleaning Your RenoSys Membrane

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The Do's and Don'ts of Cleaning Your RenoSys Membrane

Since we know when you're working on any project, it's easier if you have simple instructions to follow, we took some time to make a simple “do vs don't” list of how to clean your PVC pool shell. That way, when you're all geared up with the pressure-washer handy, you don't have to read through too much text. In depth information is available, of course, here and here.

What You May Need:


Citrus-based cleaner/Softscrub with Bleach, or Regular – good general cleaners for main areas.

Acetone/MEK – for stubborn spot stains

CLR – best for any rust spots

Asorbic Acid – for tough rust stains (if CLR doesn't work)

Enzyme cleaners to remove organic compounds, tanning oil, etc.

Medium bristle nylon scrub brush

Sponge or Scotch-Brite pad


Mask to avoid fumes

Eye protection




Do drain your pool.

Pressure-wash if possible, & use water around 3500 psi.

Use water to rinse membrane before using chemical cleaners.

Locate any stains or areas – if possible, determine what type of stain they are.

Apply different cleaners in inconspicuous areas to see what works best.

Use the cleaner that works best for the stains you have: see above supply list.

Leave the cleaner on any stained area for awhile before scrubbing or rinsing.

Be patient, it takes time to remove stains.

Read the label and instructions for any cleaners you use.

Make sure you rinse and remove all chemical from the membrane. 

Wear appropriate protective gear to avoid chemical exposure to eyes, skin, or lungs.

Print this guide if you need to.




Don't stand too close when pressure-washing your membrane – you risk cutting it, or yourself.

Do NOT mix any chemical cleaners – that can be extremely dangerous.

Don't expect immediate results. Let the cleaners sit for a bit.

Forget your protective gear: see above list.

Use cleaners without first reading instructions on the label.

Use the wrong tools for the job: a nylon scrub brush is ideal.


...Don't hesitate to call us if you have any questions about cleaning your RenoSys membrane! 800-783-7005.

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