Custom Logos Available for Your Pool

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Custom Logos Available for Your Pool

If you're wondering if you can get a custom logo for your pool, you certainly can. RenoSys sees this situation a lot in the process of building and renovating aquatic facilities. Our customers are really pleased to find out that they don't have to go anywhere else to customize the look of their pool, and represent their center, team, or organization.


Manufacturing logos that we then install on your pool's surface is one more facet of our focus as a design/build firm. Just like the other products we design, manufacture, and install, custom logos are made and then installed by us – giving you only one point of responsibility. We utilize your unique logo and our unique process to create an exact replica that will then go on the bottom of your pool. We can also work with you to come up with a custom design that reflects your facility. (To read more about how our focus as a design/build firm works to your benefit, click here.)


So when you ask us the question, “can we get a custom logo that will reflect our identity?” - our team members are happy to say yes! Below is an in-process photo of one of our team members working on crafting a custom logo that will adorn the organization's pool surface.



Although the process on our end is elaborate, involving computer sizing, design, custom cutting and welding, your process begins with contacting us. We will be happy to show you examples of our various pool projects, and the different types of custom logos we have manufactured and installed over the years.


This type of custom design is excellent for facilities like:


swim clubs


community pools

competitive facilities

country clubs


and any other organization that wants to set itself, and its pool, apart with a custom logo.


If you're interesting in adding this unique design element to your pool, contact us today at 800-783-7005 and our team will help answer any questions. You can also email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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