Not Just for Pools: Our PVC Membrane in a Large Outdoor Fountain

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Not Just for Pools: Our PVC Membrane in a Large Outdoor Fountain

Luckily for our wide variety of clients, RenoSys products are a great choice in many different types of application. From commercial pools to splash parks, and beyond, our products are designed with aquatics in mind. If it holds water, RenoSys has a product designed and manufactured for it with our decades of experience and expertise. For over 25 years, we have designed, manufactured, and installed our products in both new construction and renovation. Not all aquatic products are “created equal” - and to ensure the highest quality for our clients, we make sure that our product line can stand up to the demanding aquatic environment. Water, chemicals, and even weather all take a toll on physical structures – our products are made to stand both the test of time, and environment.


The city of Murphreesboro, TN is located near the country-music capital of Nashville, and is one of the fastest growing cities in the country. Historically, Murphreesboro is known for being home to a major engagement during the Civil War. RenoSys was contracted to install our durable, watertight PVC membrane in a scenic outdoor fountain in front of City Hall.






Although our PVC shell is best known as our “superior pool interior,” its performance as a leak-free aquatic surface works equally well in this decorative fountain application. Just as in a pool, a watertight surface is mandatory. The fountain is exposed to the elements, as well as constant water exposure; and our 60 mil thick PVC shell will protect against leaks, and look good doing it.




A RenoSys liner goes far beyond the thin and leak-prone liners found in many residential pool uses. Our membrane is thick, textured, and easily covers existing cracks and gaps. The RenoSys membrane is an excellent choice in both new construction or renovations. In any aquatic application, from pools to fountains, the membrane is custom designed and installed by our team of professionals.


To read more about our PVC membrane, click here. You'll find a detailed description of a typical shell installation.


The city of Murphreesboro TN benefited from our design and PVC membrane – the dramatic fountain will look great for years to come, with an attractive, quality interior. If you have a pool or a water feature like the large fountain in this project, give us a call. Our PVC liner can improve the interior of your aquatic application, and stop leaks as well as preventing them. Our team of aquatic experts can answer any of your questions and are happy to discuss how our product line can work for you.


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