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Pittsburgh Field Club Pool after RenoSys

The Pittsburgh Field Club pool was originally built in 1966 and was badly in need of an update.  RenoSys was contracted to do a major upgrade employing a full range of our product systems to bring the facilities up to the clubs high standards.
A decision was made to recycle the pools and install modern aquatic solutions but to reuse 90% of the pools existing infrastructure.  This decision to recycle saved the Club approximately $1,150,000 over a full rebuild and freed up cash for the club perform additional projects.
Work Scope included an all new plumbing and mechanical room upgrade and new plumbing runs to the pools, new main drains, a new DuraTech Stainless Steel Gutter with PVC Grating, all new deck and safety equipment, and the installation of a new RenoSys PVC Pool Shell membrane.
A decision was made to make the wading pool a zero depth entry pool which required the shallowing of the old pool.  After replumbing, a new slip resistant textured RenoSys PVC Pool Shell was installed for the interior surface of the wading pool. Installing high fun value aquatic spray play features topped off the renovation of the new facility.
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