SoftSide™ Padded Flooring – Creating Age-Friendly Pools

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SoftSide™ Padded Flooring – Creating Age-Friendly Pools


Retirement communities, assisted living, and rehabilitation facilities have special challenges when designing aquatic centers; their residents or guests often require greater safety measures in order to enjoy the health benefits of a pool. RenoSys meets these challenges by utilizing experienced professionals to work with you in creating a custom, safety-conscious, design-build pool for your facility.


RenoSys uses our unique SoftSide PVC Padded Flooring interior to create a truly age-friendly pool. SoftSide Padding is watertight, and has a textured, slip-resistant surface to increase traction for swimmers. It assists swimmers in entering and exiting the water, as well as participating in water fitness activities. The SoftSide surface protects your residents from the typical slippery areas found around and in most conventional pools.


Our SoftSide Padding is also ideal for adding a padded perimeter and padded coping, removing the danger of a typical hard-surface pool edge. SoftSide Padding creates a much safer environment; the “head fall” risk is reduced, providing added safety up to a 5' fall. The foam padding is available in 1/4” to 4” thickness – whatever thickness suits the needs of your facility. SoftSide PVC Padded Flooring is the perfect choice for the traditional “fall zones” of your pool.


The cost of designing an age-friendly aquatic center for your living community is small, but pays huge dividends; your residents will have much greater confidence using the pool, and in turn, the pool will be a wonderful amenity and draw for your facility. Contact RenoSys today, and see how we can make your living community safer and healthier for your residents.




RenoSys SoftSide PVC Padded Interior/Flooring


  • Perfect for traditional fall-zones, edging, and interior

  • Increases resident safety both in and out of the pool

  • Low maintenance

  • Cost effective solution to resident safety

  • Slip-resistant, textured surface increases traction

  • Impact resistant

  • Durable

  • Watertight


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