Spotlight on Age-Friendly Pools

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Spotlight on Age-Friendly Pools


RenoSys is leading the way in making aquatic centers inviting, practical, and safe for residents in retirement communities, and guests of rehabilitation and medical centers by designing and installing truly age-friendly pool systems.


There are many health benefits of aquatic activities: from simple exercise to regaining mobility. A pool can be an invaluable tool for a residential center or a physical therapy practice. RenoSys designs deep areas just for water-treading exercise or activity. We have also designed pools with “walk-way/swim laps.” People who want to swim laps can do so in marked lap lanes, while a marked swim-walking area is open to those preferring to walk. This combination allows for both activities, without any interference, and maximizes the usage of your pool.


RenoSys utilizes a textured PVC pool membrane in your choice of colors and markings to keep underwater and stair surfaces guest friendly. Swim-walkers will have added traction and more confidence. Swimmers entering and leaving the pool will be more sure-footed and less likely to fall. RenoSys also designs low stair risers to make entering and exiting the pool as safe as possible. If your swimmers require extra assistance getting in and out of the pool, RenoSys will install an SR Smith lift.


We know that slippery pool surfaces and hard edges can present very real dangers in your facility. RenoSys meets the challenge of keeping your aquatic center beneficial and safe for residents and guests. RenoSys can pad the stairs, floor, and deck with our CSPS-certified SoftSide™ padding, and your residents or guests will be safe-guarded in all the common fall-zones. Click here for in-depth information about the benefits of SoftSide PVC Padding.


No matter what your design needs, RenoSys will work with you to design and create a pool that is age friendly for all your guests or residents.


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