Stainless Steel SummitSeries™ Pools & Spas: Above-Grade and Way Above Average

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Stainless Steel SummitSeries™ Pools & Spas: Above-Grade and Way Above Average


What guest visiting an exciting new casino wouldn't love to relax in this stunning stainless-steel spa?


Pictured Below: SummitSeries stainless steel spa in natural stainless-steel design 


Residents of a high-rise building can enjoy the view from a rooftop pool overlooking the city. 

Pictured below: SummitSeries stainless steel pool with mosaic tile inlay


As amazing as the finished product looks and performs, above-grade pools and spas have specific requirements and unique applications. High-rise hotels, apartments, or community buildings must ensure structural stability within their building when they choose an elevated pool or spa.


RenoSys designs, builds, and installs our fully-welded SummitSeries™ pools and spas for elevated applications. Builders can choose a sleek, modern stainless-steel finish, opt for a mosaic tile interior, or go with a classic-pool and spa finish by using a RenoSys PVC membrane. Negative or standard edges are available, and so are dramatic features like cascades, spillovers, and waterfalls. The shape and style of the pool or spa is designed to fit your needs: geometric, round, or a custom shape.


If construction time is of the essence, a SummitSeries pool or spa is a great option. A pre-manufactured RenoSys Summit Series pool can be lifted into place, or custom built right on site. With an all-stainless steel SummitSeries pool or spa, your timetable doesn't depend on waiting for just the right temperatures to cure a conventional all-concrete design. Depending on your location, temperature swings can delay a concrete pool/spa installation. The average wait for concrete to cure is 28 days – and that's assuming the weather cooperates.


Engineers have flexibility in design, shape, and style; owners save time and money on construction and gain durability. RenoSys stainless steel pools and spas are attractive, inviting, watertight, and reliable. Each SummitSeries pool or spa is static and pressure tested, ensuring a leak-free project. SummitSeries pools and spas carry a 10-year warranty.


Check out our Resources page for the full brochure on our SummitSeries pools & spas.

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