Aluminum Pool Renovation: Part I

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Aluminum Pool Renovation: Part I

We're going to take a two-part look at aluminum pools – how RenoSys solves a common problem faced by aluminum pools, and then a piece on a current aluminum pool renovation RenoSys is doing at the Umpqua Community College pool in Roseburg, Oregon.

Aluminum pools face a specific and unique situation in the form of galvanic corrosion. While galvanic (or electrolytic) corrosion sounds like a complicated scientific process, essentially it's like an accidental battery that leads to corrosion. Boiled down, metal meets with a charge from an outside source...and this leads to a detrimental corrosive reaction. What does this mean to your aluminum pool? The short answer is that the longevity and integrity of your pool are in jeopardy. When you have an aluminum or mild steel pool, unfortunately, the electrical charge present in the water acts as that charge against the metal – and you can end up with pool-damaging degradation. After time, your aluminum or mild steel pool may need a serious overhaul.

One of the great features of the RenoSys PVC pool membrane is the unique and specific application it has for aluminum pools. RenoSys can completely renovate an aluminum or mild steel pool using our PVC pool shell, and nearly eliminate the galvanic-corrosion effect. How do our membranes essentially remove an inherent factor of deterioration in aluminum pools? It comes down to good insulation. PVC is a very effective insulator.

A RenoSys pool shell is composed of 60 mil. PVC that serves as a high-performing barrier between any electrical currents in the pool water and the aluminum of the pool itself. That easily, your corrosion problems can be solved. RenoSys has renovated hundreds of aluminum pools using our PVC pool shells...creating new pools and helping prevent the damaging corrosion that can plague metal pools. Although not all aluminum pool renovations are due to corrosion - some are simply aging pools in need of repair; however, our familiarity with this common corrosive issue and ability to transform your aluminum pool is unparalleled.

Our upcoming blog post will focus on the aluminum pool renovation as the RenoSys team gives new life to the Umpqua Community College pool.

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