How Does a SummitSeries™ Stainless Steel Pool & Spa Compare to Conventional Concrete?

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How Does a SummitSeries™ Stainless Steel Pool & Spa Compare to Conventional Concrete?

Elevated pools are a popular design trend: hotels, casinos, luxury apartments – all of them can benefit from a well-designed above-grade pool. Once you've decided that your building merits a rooftop pool, then you're left considering conventional construction, or...what other option do you have? What could save you construction time, money, and expedite the progress on your facility?


RenoSys has the answer: our SummitSeries Stainless Steel pool.



A stainless steel pool might not be what you first think of when you're planning your rooftop project; however, there are a lot of reasons why stainless steel vessels work for above-grade applications better than traditional construction. We'll compare the two:


Concrete: Let's look at conventional pool construction first, namely the concrete/pouring part of the process. It can be incredibly messy. Your rooftop or elevated enclosure could end up covered with dust, grit, and litter – clean-up is also not as easy when you're dealing with this type of project. Outside, it becomes even harder to keep the worksite neat, as grit and sand from the concrete and mixing can blow around or get rained on.


SummitSeries Stainless Steel Pools & Spas: It's far cleaner in installation alone. The pool can be lifted into place, or assembled on site. Even if the site requires the vessel to be lifted in segments vs. whole, the assembly and installation remains faster than a typical pool. No grit, sand, dust, or mixing required.


Concrete: In a vaulted concrete pool, the concrete is heavy – and that affects the design of your facility. You have to ensure that the sheer weight of the pool is supported, and take precautions for the stability of your building's structure.


SummitSeries Stainless Steel Pools & Spas: Stainless steel pools weigh dramatically less than a vaulted concrete pool: per square foot of recreational water, a RenoSys SummitSeries vessel can weigh 13-19x less. Specifically, that's 24-33 lbs/sq. ft. vs. concrete's 460 lbs./sq. ft. - enough to make a huge difference in the overall weight that your building needs to bear. By weighing so much less, a stainless steel pool could allow you to adjust the design of your building's structure, possibly saving material and money.


Concrete: Traditional pools are subject to delamination, cracking, as well as a greater chemical usage because of absorption by plaster, gunite, and concrete finishes. Acid washing, although destructive to concrete, may also be required.


SummitSeries Stainless Steel Pools & Spas: RenoSys SummitSeries pools are fully-welded, die and static-tested and virtually leak-proof. They require far less in the way of maintenance; since they don't absorb chemicals, you end up using less – another savings. You never need to acid wash a stainless steel pool, and cracking or delamination aren't possible. The SummitSeries pool is also pore-free and hygenic.


Concrete: Finally, time is an element, especially in an outdoor rooftop environment. Concrete requires a specific temperature range in order to pour correctly and cure correctly. Weeks or months of bad weather can delay your project significantly; and as in anything else, time = money.


SummitSeries Stainless Steel Pools & Spas: Time = money? Since a SummitSeries installation doesn't require specific weather for outdoor projects, or waiting for shaping, pouring, or curing, you're saving both time and money.


Compared side-by-side, it's easy to see that there are many benefits to choosing a RenoSys SummitSeries stainless steel vessel over conventional concrete for your above-grade pool plans. Here are a few more features of SummitSeries:

  • Considered a “green” product because such a high percentage (65-80%) of stainless-steel is manufactured from recycled steel. Stainless steel itself is also recyclable. Check out this article on steel as a green product. 
  • Negative-edge or standard edge is available. Also features like cascades, spillovers, or waterfalls can be designed.
  • Variety of finishes available – natural, polished stainless-steel, a RenoSys PVC pool membrane, or mosaic tile.
  • Can be prefabricated, assembled, and shipped, or built on site.
  • Available with the Evacuator™ System for removing site-damaging trichloramines (a great feature, especially for indoor applications).


For more information about what a SummitSeries pool and spa could do for your facility, click here or call us today at (800) 783-7005.















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