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Repair or Replace: Which Option Is Best For Your Pool Facility?

Just because your pool may look as though it's falling apart and doesn't have all the latest water play features doesn't mean you have to give up hope, shut it down, or build a new one.  There are options available today that will allow you to "add on" to your existing infrastructure if desired or simply repair a leaky pool and receive a 10 year warranty. The decision to repair or replace is not always cut and dry, but rest assured you've come to the right place. RenoSys has been in the business of repairing pools for over two decades. We can "work magic" when it comes to repairing or renovating an existing pool. And we build new pools right from the start! So how do you decide which direction to go? Think of it like renovating an older home or building. In some ways, it is more beneficial to fix what you have, and most of the time it is much less expensive than building new. On the other hand, you may be better off tearing it down and starting from scratch. That of course, depends on the condition of the structure, whether your needs have changed for that space, and long term goals. Call us at (800) 783-7005 to discuss your pool facility needs. We can help assess which options are right for you and your aquatic facility.

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