Commercial Pool Renovation & Construction

RenoSys offers a full line of products designed specifically for public swimming pool construction and renovation, backed by an experienced team of professionals who are committed to meeting your needs.

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PVC & Stainless Solutions For Public Pool Renovation & Construction

Affordable, innovative products for swimming pool renovation and new construction designed exclusively for competitive pools and aquatic facilities.

The RenoSys PVC Pool Membrane and RecDeck PVC Pool Deck System can be installed over almost any surface. So, whether your existing pool is concrete, tile, metallic, or fiberglass, we’ve got you covered.

We also offer stainless elevated pools, new stainless in-ground pools, pool gutter systems, safety pads, and a whole range of products designed to transform your aquatic facility.


RenoSys PVC Pool Membrane: The Superior Interior

The RenoSys 60 mil PVC Pool Shell is no ordinary swimming pool liner. Our pool liners are carefully thermoformed from two sheets of specially formulated PVC that are bonded together around a polyester mesh to create a tough, textured watertight membrane.

The RCC Project after a complete renovation of the pool

Renovating Your Pool the RenoSys Way

If you’re like most people, you probably dread the thought of renovating your pool. It can be a costly and time-consuming process, and it often results in a finished product that’s nowhere near as good as you’d hoped. But what if there was an alternative to conventional renovation methods? RenoSys offers a unique solution that is not only more affordable than traditional methods, but also produces superior results.

RenoSys transforms the most deteriorated pools at a fraction of the cost of conventional renovation options.

  • Eliminates pool leakage
  • Protects your existing infrastructure
  • Provides a “Like New” attractive surface
  • Eliminates the painting and plaster cycle
  • Slip-resistant and non-abrasive finish

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