RenoSys-Our Strong Work Ethic

Aquatic Renovation Systems, Inc. (hereinafter “RenoSys” or “ARS”) in conjunction with its divisions, RenoSys and MetaFab, along with PoolEquip, LLC are North America’s largest, oldest, and most respected manufacturer, distributor and installer of stainless steel and polymer products designed and formulated specifically for public swimming pool construction and renovation.  From the RenoSys 60mil reinforced PVC Pool membrane to the DuraTech Gutter or Grating systems, RenoSys is committed to meeting the needs of public and commercial swimming pool designers, operators, and managers.  Featuring a full network of licensed contractor applicators, RenoSys has been involved with pool construction and pool renovation projects throughout the world.

Our Story

RenoSys began operations in 1988 as a small business running in a spare bedroom and half a garage.  With a team approach to melding entrepreneurial savvy and business strategy, RenoSys has grown from a vision to an international leader in pool renovation, retrofit, and new pool construction. We would love to be a part of your next pool renovation or new construction project. Give us a call today to put 35 years of experience to work for your community.