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Is it Safe to Operate a Public Pool During the COVID–19 Outbreak?

As increasingly heavier restrictions are issued throughout the country in an attempt slow the spread of the COVID–19 coronavirus, more and more questions arise about what is safe and what is not. With so many people being asked to stay at home, the role of public swimming pools to provide a place to exercise is more important than ever. But is it safe to operate a pool during the outbreak and what additional measures should you put in place to protect your staff and visitors?


Update: RenoSys 2020 Trade Shows

With developing concerns surrounding the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak, RenoSys has taken the decision to cancel our appearances at some upcoming trade shows and conferences.

In an effort to protect our staff and community, and to comply with current federal and international recommendations, we will no longer attend upcoming shows hosted by Nevada Parks & Recreation Society, California Association of Parks & Recreation Districts, and New York State Recreation & Park Society.

We are disappointed at not being able to reconnect with friends and meet new people at these shows, but we hope to be able to meet up again in 2021.

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