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New pool liner at McConnell Air Force Base
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The Best Repair Options for Public Pools

Aquatic facilities are often on a tight budget when they need an upgrade to their pool, especially when older pools have leaking, spalled or deteriorated surfaces. Whether your pool was constructed of concrete, fiberglass, steel or aluminum, you can rely on a textured PVC pool membrane liner to effectively contain water, seal structural cracks and solve problems such as leaks.

A pool renovation can include a liner, gutter, and new deck.
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Slippery When Wet: Why Textures Are So Important At Your Pool

If your facility has a gutter trough system, you’re sure to often see people hop, stand, and sit on the grates. While children are the usual culprits, chances are you’ve seen a fair share of adults do it too.  Asking your guests to stay off the grates can be a difficult rule to enforce, particularly if the gutter is at deck level.

Other high risk areas of your pool are easier to identify, but there are ways to ensure an even greater level of safety for both you and your visitors.

Showing a new pool gutter installed over an old aluminum gutter.
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Aluminum Pool Renovation

We’re going to take a look at aluminum pools, and how RenoSys solves a common problem they develop.

Aluminum pools are particularly common indoors and in high schools. They face a specific and unique issue in the form of galvanic corrosion. While galvanic (or electrolytic) corrosion sounds like a complicated scientific process, essentially it’s like an accidental battery that leads to corrosion on the pool shell. It occurs when metal meets with a charge from an outside source. This leads to a detrimental corrosive reaction.

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Is it Safe to Operate a Public Pool During the COVID–19 Outbreak?

As increasingly heavier restrictions are issued throughout the country in an attempt slow the spread of the COVID–19 coronavirus, more and more questions arise about what is safe and what is not. With so many people being asked to stay at home, the role of public swimming pools to provide a place to exercise is more important than ever. But is it safe to operate a pool during the outbreak and what additional measures should you put in place to protect your staff and visitors?

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Play in the Spray: It’s Easy to Add Water Play Features to Your Pool

What was more fun as a kid than running through the sprinkler on a hot summer day? Today, children and their parents can take playing in the sprinkler up a notch, as more and more local aquatic centers and parks add dedicated water play areas. 

As the owner/operator of a commercial pool, you should think about renovating to include features for your younger visitors. These water play features can be all sorts of things: animals, water buckets, colorful shapes, and much more. Companies such as RenoSys can design and install these additions by using as much of the existing infrastructure as possible. This results in an exciting upgrade that is incredibly cost-effective.

By installing a dedicated kids’ area, you can draw parents with young children to your facility. The little ones who are too small for the water slides and deep water can splash and play in a zero-depth area with all sorts of fun water play elements. 

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