A safety fall pad applied to this pool water feature

Making a Splash: Elevating Your Pool Design with Easy Water Features

As a child, what could be more enjoyable than frolicking through a sprinkler on a scorching summer day? Today, parents and children can take water play to the next level, as a growing number of local aquatic centers and parks are creating designated areas for this purpose.

As the proprietor of a commercial pool, it’s worth considering adding features that cater to your younger visitors. These water play components can range from animals and water buckets to colorful shapes and more. By utilizing as much of the existing infrastructure as possible, companies such as RenoSys can design and install these enhancements in a way that is both exciting and cost-effective.

Incorporating a kids’ area into your pool installation can attract parents with young children to your facility. Little ones who are too small for water slides and deep water can have fun splashing and playing in a zero-depth area with an array of enjoyable water play elements.

Safety fall pad on a lilly pad walk

For communities that already have a local pool but desire something engaging for their residents, a splash pad is an excellent option. A spray park or splash pad has all the fun water features without any standing water. With a few basic safety measures and no lifeguard, kids can enjoy the spray to their hearts’ content.

Safety is always the top priority when RenoSys installs any water play elements. Depending on the nature of your kids’ area, you may opt for SoftSide custom aquatic landing pads. Safety pads underneath or around certain features, such as slides, can also benefit spray parks. RecDeck PVC pool deck surfacing is always a wise choice for any pool deck, providing slip-resistant textured PVC to minimize the risk of slip-and-fall accidents.

If you’re building a new pool or contemplating revamping an old one, consider adding some water play features for your youngest guests. Not only will it improve safety by providing a separate area for young children, but it will also attract more guests seeking something age-appropriate, safe, and enjoyable.