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Elevated Pools & Spas

Partner with RenoSys to design and install stainless steel elevated pools that result in striking and exciting architectural features. 

Elevating aquatics.

Make your project stand out. Work with the leader in elevated pool design and construction.

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next level Pools

The SummitSeries range features a fully welded 304 or 316 stainless steel pool wall that is available in any imaginable interior finish. Options include a natural stainless steel finish, ceramic tile or a RenoSys PVC pool membrane.

We operate a 30,000 square foot stainless steel manufacturing facility. As a result, we can engineer and build pools and spas that are custom designed to meet your specific project conditions and timeline.

Each pool project includes static and pressure testing to ensure a completely leak free pool, all backed by our 10 year warranty.


  • Hotels and resorts.

  • Apartment developments.

  • Gyms and fitness centers.

Elevated pool features.

  • Vanishing edge or standard edge.

  • Cascades, waterfalls, and spillovers.

  • Geometric, round, or custom shapes.

  • Built on-site or prefabricated.

  • Variety of interior finishes available.

Design assistance.

We can provide full design assistance and prepare project-specific pool construction  plans and specifications.

Our in-house pool consultants and CAD experts can work directly with your office.

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Elevating Installations

AQUA magazine ran a feature about our stainless steel pool. You can read the story here

Logo for Aqua magazine.

Elevated pool construction you can count on.

Conventional concrete construction isn’t necessary in this day and age. Why choose a heavy construction material that is a pain to work with and is bad for the environment?

Concrete requires near-ideal conditions, which in less temperate areas and at high elevation can add up to major project delays. Over time, the integrity of concrete pools may suffer.

Leaks in a typical, ground level pool are a problem; leaks in an elevated pool go well beyond a problem – especially if someone’s working or living space is below.

Above average engineering for above grade applications.

We developed this product line because we recognize the versatility and quality of stainless steel, and its use for both on and above grade pools. Features of SummitSeries include:

  • Pressure and static testing to ensure watertight integrity.

  • TIG welded for security.

  • Can ship pre-assembled or in sections to be assembled on site.

  • Standard or custom shapes.

  • Waterfalls and negative (infinity) edges.

  • Various interior options including our 60mil PVC membrane.

High-rise apartments building with a stainless steel pool at the top.
Stainless steel spas can ship in one piece.

Form and function.

From luxury rooftops, to interior health club and hotel pools, you have the option to choose the style and shape, as well as popular features like waterfalls and the increasingly in-demand negative (or infinity) edge.

The interior of your SummitSeries is also up to you; a great benefit of working with RenoSys is the level of customization our products allow.

If you have a contemporary facility, you might choose a natural stainless-steel interior finish. You can also opt for our very popular 60mil PVC membrane, which can even include your logo. Our team will replicate your facility’s name or logo in PVC and install it on the pool’s surface.

Some of our clients opt for a unique mosaic tile interior. This choice can be great for many different types of centers.

When you’re planning new construction, there are tons of variables – but planning your elevated pool doesn’t need to be the most stressful one. We have designed and installed many elevated pools in all types of environments and facilities.

Our talented and experienced team members will help guide you and ensure your elevated pool is high above expectations.


Just some of our pool and spa installations from around the country

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