The dictionary’s definition of “summit” is “the highest level possible.”

If you’re thinking of adding an above-grade, (or rooftop) pool or spa to your apartment, hotel, or casino project, you should consider a SummitSeries™ stainless steel pool vessel. This special product line offers watertight above-grade pools and spas at any level.

The appearance is totally up to you.

You can design (or have us design) a custom shape or choose a traditional form. For the interior of the pool or spa, you can choose the natural stainless-steel finish, install a RenoSys PVC membrane, or use mosaic tiles. The popular negative (infinity) edge is also available  – and looks great on rooftop pools.

The Artistry Apartment Complex elevated pool with an infinity edge by RenoSys

SummitSeries is a watertight pool vessel.

We static and pressure test all SummitSeries pools and spas to ensure that your elevated pool is leak-free. With a RenoSys PVC membrane surface, you add one more layer of leak insurance.

Maintenance is easy.

We get that owner/operators are busy, and one less item on the to-do list is always a positive. With a SummitSeries stainless-steel pool, the routine maintenance that goes along with traditional pools is pretty much gone. You won’t need to worry about scraping, sanding, or plastering. Your SummitSeries pool is fully-welded, watertight, and a lot easier to maintain than those aging concrete pools. Stainless steel is a durable, quality material that looks great and performs even better.

If you’re looking for the peak of above-grade pools for your facility, you’ve found it in SummitSeries. If you’re ready for your elevated pool project, we’re ready to get started. Call us today at 800-783-7005.