It’s inevitable that season after season of harsh pool chemicals, general usage, improper or delayed maintanence, and changing weather conditions can all play a role in aging your public pool facility. If your facility is in a colder climate and exposed to the elements, that deterioration speeds up.

The average life of a commercial pool vessel (the walls and floor) depends on various factors. Many pool will typically last decades – upwards of 20-25 years – by which time they usually need extensive work. In addition, in many areas commercial pools take a back seat to other important projects demanding community funds. The good news is that RenoSys can do a lot with the funds available by “recycling” as much as we can from your old pool to keep costs down.

A recently renovated pool with a new pvc membrane installed
A PVC pool liner membrane can update any public or commercial pool.
In some cases, installing a PVC pool liner membrane can almost double the lifespan of a pool. The flexible PVC completely seals the existing pool shell, helping to protect it from further deterioration. While time and the unforgiving aquatic environment will eventually age a PVC membrane, they are durable and require a lot less maintenance in the ensuing years than a comparable traditional pool without a PVC membrane. The liner helps keep water where it belongs, forming a watertight surface over the interior of the pool. The more you follow proper maintenance guidelines and take care of your commercial pool, the better it will hold up over time. When it finally is time to look into renovating your commercial pool, give us a call. We will show you how a RenoSys renovation makes the most of your existing pool infrastructure and how we provide cost-effective solutions vs traditional renovation.