Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) About Our Products

Answers to some of our most Frequently Asked Questions about pool renovation and pool construction.

What is a RenoSys PVC Pool Shell?

RenoSys is a thick, reinforced, textured PVC membrane that is employed as a low maintenance watertight interior surface for new pools as well as the renovation of old commercial swimming pools.  The material is specifically designed for use in the pool environment.  The RenoSys PVC material comes in rolls and is used to essentially “upholster” the interior of your pool project.  RenoSys makes old pools look like they are new, makes them completely watertight and dramatically lowers maintenance and pool operating costs.

How long have you been in business?
RenoSys began operations in 1988, incorporated in 1990 and enjoys the longest North American track record in the commercial pool renovation industry.
How many pools have you installed?

Since then over 9,500 commercial PVC Pool Shells have been installed. 

What is the warranty on a RenoSys project?

RenoSys liners are warranted for ten (10) years against leakage.  This is NOT a “prorated” warranty.

How long can I expect a RenoSys PVC Pool Shell last?

The life expectancy of a standard RenoSys liner is estimated at between 15 and 25 years depending on months of operation, UV conditions and care.  We also offer a Dupont Elvaloy KEE permanent plasticizer material which is warranted for 20 years and should last between 30 and 60 years.

How much per square foot does a RenoSys PVC Pool Shell cost?

Unfortunately, each RenoSys Project must be quoted individually.  A variety of factors including; size, difficulty of installation, location, time window, elevated or inground, steps, union conditions, type of gutter and many other project conditions make it very difficult to price a project without specific information.  Luckily we can usually get you a firm price quotation within 24 hours once you send in your “Fax Back Quote Form”,

How is a RenoSys PVC Pool Shell installed?

This is carefully covered in our literature, but in a nutshell…after performing required surface prep to spalled areas, and sanitizing the pool interior, a geotextile felt is adhered over the entire surface of the pool.  A thick reinforced RenoSys blanket of reinforced PVC material is applied over the felt and adhered to it.  The outer edge at the top of the wall or the back of the gutter can be attached in several different fashions however in all cases it is attached to or compressed by a mechanical fastened termination bar so that there are no free liner edges.  All seams are melted together employing thermal fusion welding.  Flanges are used to compress the material around all penetrations in your pool.  Racing lanes and markings are applied over the top of the RenoSys membrane.  The pool is final inspected and ready to fill by you. 

How long will a typical installation take?

We would love to find such a thing as a typical pool.  It depends upon the size of the pool, the season, and the difficulty.  With that as a background, a typical 30 x 60-foot pool 5’ deep will take 3 to 6 days, a 42 x 75’ pool with a 10’ dive hopper should run between 7 and 12 days and a 50 meter x 60’ wide pool will run between 2 and 3 weeks.  This does not take into account weather or delay days due to other subs etc.  We will try to give you an accurate time frame idea when we quote your pool.

Can I talk to some other customers about their pool project and satisfaction?

Absolutely.  Upon receipt of our quotation, your sales associate will be happy to provide you with other similar pools to your project as well as various pools in your area.

Can I visit a project under construction?

We often schedule pool construction “open houses” when it is permissible for our clients to do so.  Just let us know so that we can alert you.

How do we get a quotation we can depend on?

The procedure is very simple.  First off, you fill out the “Fax Back Quote Form”.  With an accurate sketch of your gutter profile, pool sizing, and information about the surface condition from you, often we will be able to give you a preliminary quotation with nothing further other than accurate photographs or videos of your facility.  Once we have given a price to you and you have determined that the project fits within your budget we can offer a firm quote which is valid for 90 days.  We do require sound concrete able to accept hammer-drilled holes for our system to be attached around all liner penetrations.  If you do have concrete deterioration at penetrations, this condition can easily be addressed ahead of our arrival by your own forces.  If you have any questions about your pools concrete integrity, please ask your sales associate for direction.

My deck is slippery and has some deterioration. Can RenoSys be used on decks?

No, we typically do not suggest clients use RenoSys on decks, however, we have a compatible material called RecDeck, which is designed for deck installations.  It is heavily textured for slip resistance, is completely adhered over your existing tile, concrete or wooden deck, and is totally watertight.

What if someone should cut the liner?

Liner cuts are extremely rare because, to the user, a RenoSys liner appears like a soft coating of some type.  Also, if you have knives in your pools you have more serious problems than how best to renovate your pool’s interior surface!  In the unlikely case of a liner cut occurring, your membrane can be easily repaired with the underwater patch kit provided at the completion of every project. 

What about my gutter and piping?

Stainless steel gutters can leak over time.  It is always wise to pressure test a gutter prior to installing a RenoSys liner.  Pool piping should also be pressure tested before installation of the liner system if they are suspect. 

I am building a new pool. Would RenoSys be a good choice for original installation on a new pool?

Absolutely.  A RenoSys PVC Pool Shell provides significant advantages for a new pool surface.  First off, you are going to pay for some new interior surface anyway making the RenoSys advantages particularly affordable.  RenoSys costs far less than tile, is only a small amount more in initial cost than a new plaster job or an epoxy coating (except in Florida).  You will be assured of a pool that will be watertight.  Chlorinated water and water at inappropriate pH values will not be direct injected into your concrete causing deterioration.  Cold joints will not be subject to leakage.  The surface will be much easier to maintain while providing a safer more slip resistant surface.  RenoSys also manufactures the ultimate pool-FuturaPool. A Stainless Steel/PVC Membrane pool which is easily installed in conjunction with your local contractors and is warranted for 50years structurally and 25 years pool interior.

What about markings and racing lane lines?

Racing lanes and drop off markings are welded on over the liner after the liner is completely installed with a 40 mil thick reinforced black PVC material.  Depth markers are handled slightly differently but are securely welded on as well.  The typical thickness where markings are applied is 100 mils.

Can I get a logo installed in my pool?

Absolutely.  RenoSys regularly installs special custom logos as an overlay in your pool where permitted by code.  This is an option that is priced on a size and complexity basis.  See some sample logos in our website. 


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