Pool Deck Drains

Our new PVC deck drain is a trench-style gutter that removes excess water from pool decks.

Rooftop pool on a luxury apartment building.

Upgrade your trench drain game.

This deck drain is specifically designed to remove water from pool decks in any aquatic environment.


The drain channel is available in several lengths, widths, and colors. Choose between a number of PVC or granite grating options.


Made from thick, exterior grade, high-impact PVC that resists fading and cracking, and is able to withstand the busiest pool decks.


We’re proud to back our PVC deck drain with an industry-leading 10-year service warranty.

Why is this pool deck drain better?

1. Interlocking or modular grates allow easy access to any part of the drain channel. A beautiful solid granite grate is also available.

2. A 30% thicker profile than other drains on the market.

3. Unique embed wings that ‘bite’ into the surrounding concrete and prevent separation.

4. Extra wide support base stability during and after installation.

NEW! Granite Drain Grates

Our new solid granite trench drain grates are perfect for upscale private pools or landscape architects looking for an elegant finish on drain channels.

All-in-One Profile

Handhold and curved design to encourage water flow.

A Luxurious Finish

Our magnificent solid granite coping stones and gutter grates add a stunning border to pools at high-end hotels, apartments, clubs, and more.

Easy Installation

Orders are shipped in small numbered pieces.

Color Options

Available in light gray, dark gray, and white.

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