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Pool Gutter Grating

Whether you need grating for a new pool you’re building or are replacing cracked or broken grates at an existing pool, we have the perfect fit and style for you.

Great grating.

A safe and attractive pool edge is around the corner 

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DuraTech: Pool Grating for any application

Our pool grates are designed to accommodate any pool gutter or trench width and can be installed in perpendicular, parallel, and radial configurations. Any of our styles can be used independently or combined with a RenoSys gutter system. DuraTech is also perfect for bulkheads, deck drains, and anywhere else durable grating is required.

A safer POOL edge

Our PVC grating is certified slip-resistant and has undergone ASTM testing for strength, so you don’t need to worry about it bending and snapping.

Dedicated to design

We have an in-house team to help develop corner and joint pieces for compliacted or irregular gutter layouts. They can also create custom colors and exciting etched designs for lettering or logos.

Interlocking grates running along a curved pool gutter.


This design makes installation a “snap” for both straight and radial configurations. Interlocking grating can accommodate gutter widths from 8″ to 18″.

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Very strong grating on a corner of a stainless steel gutter.


By far our strongest pool grating system! PolyGrate is machined from single, solid sheets of marine-grade HDPE and is completely customizable.

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Granite provides a high end look to the pool edge.

Granite Grates

Luxurious granite grating is perfect for resorts, country clubs, upscale apartment developments, or along any pool that is looking for a stunning finish.

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I-Bar grates on top of a pool gutter.


A safe walking surface with a wave capturing design, makes I-Bar ideal for competition pools and particularly well suited for installation on bulkheads.

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T-Bar grates can run horizontally along a drain.


Industry standard wide profile grating designed to provide maximum foot support and slip-resistance for an ultra safe walking surface.

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Detail images of RenoSys pool gutters.

Pool Gutters

Spec our stainless steel or PVC gutters for your project, or replace your existing pool’s leaking recirculation system.

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Our state-of-the-art CNC machines can etch text and graphics right in to the PVC on PolyGrate grating.

Why choose PVC pool grating?

What makes PVC better for pool grates when compared with more common materials such as fiberglass?

Simple replacement

We design our grating to be easy to replace whether in long or short sections or even single grates.

10 year warranty

We proudly make our PVC grating in the USA and supply it with a 10 year warranty as standard.

No itching!

A common complaint with fiberglass is itching as the texture wears away. PVC is not abrasive and does not break down.

More attractive

The vivid custom colors or the standard brilliant white of our grating will really liven up the pool edge.

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