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PVC Pool Membrane

The RenoSys 60mil PVC swimming pool membrane is the most effective option for preventing water loss in commercial pools. The membrane is a high grade liner which produces exceptional results in either new or existing aquatic facilities.

The superior interior.

We’ve turned thousands of nightmare pools into dream pools. Let’s see if we can add yours to the list.

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Our pool membrane is made from flexible 60mil commercial grade PVC that is incredibly effective at resisting leaks and tearing. 

10 Year Warranty

We’re proud to back our PVC membrane with an industry-leading 10 year service warranty. 


A 60mil PVC pool liner is a low maintanence pool interior that does not require regular resurfacing. We supply our membrane with a generous 10 year warranty.

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The pool surface that saves money and adds value.


Eliminates the need for the ongoing and costly patching, painting, or sandblasting of other short-lived pool interior surface coatings. 

Improved public safety

The non-porous anti-microbial formulation and slip-resistant surface textures result in more hygienic and safer conditions for your patrons.

Reduced operating costs

The PVC pool liner is very easy to keep clean. It is pH neutral, making it easier to maintain water chemistry. This can reduce yearly chemical costs by 15% – 20%.

Less down time

Installation often takes half the time as other methods. Instead of waiting for ideal weather, or on concrete or grout to dry, you’ll be filling your pool.

Protects the pool shell

With no cracks and no yearly repainting and patching, the pool shell will maintain it’s surface and structural integrity for a greatly extended period of time.

Aesthetics & Comfort

Your pool will have an attractive, uniform color and extremely comfortable surface underfoot. This results in much greater customer activity and satisfaction.

Make it yours.

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Colors and textures.

The RenoSys 60mil PVC pool membrane is available in either brilliant white, light blue, or Caribbean blue. We have formulated special textures that are designed to provide the correct level of traction for the application. A high friction option is used for lanes, targets, and step markings. 

Custom pool logo.

Put your brand right at the centre of the action by choosing to imprint your logo right on to the pool floor. This is a great option for hotels, schools, and country clubs. 

A custom logo imprinted on a pool.


The PVC pool membrane is welded on site, so it fits perfectly in any pool configuration.

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