Cold plunge pools and spas are a great addition to spas, health clubs, and rehabilitation centers. Cold plunge vessels help to soothe inflammation and revitalize tired bodies, and they’re the perfect post-exercise experience.

Cold plunging is not a new invention. There is even evidence that the ancient Romans had a cold bath area specifically reserved for part of their typical bathing routine. It’s thought they would visit their version of a cold plunge pool before moving on to a heated-bath room to relax.

What does a cold plunge tank do?

A modern-day cold plunge pool or spa is kept on average at a chilly 55 degrees. One tactic is to rinse off with a warm shower, or even enjoy a sauna session, then slowly immerse yourself in the cold plunge pool (since the temperature can be rather shocking, caution and common sense are advised for all patrons using the cold plunge pool). You can often see footage of professional athletes soaking in smaller versions of a cold plunge spa post-game – in what is commonly called a ‘cryotherapy bath’. The cold water helps to reduce muscle inflammation and hasten recovery time. Cold plunge pools also help to boost circulation, which has myriad health benefits.

Stainless steel cold plunge by RenoSys

Custom stainless steel cold plunge tanks.

RenoSys designs, manufactures, and installs stainless steel pools and spas to exact specifications and facility requirements. We can prefabricate it at our 30,000 square foot in-house facility, or build it on-site. A particular benefit is that the design and finish are completely up to you: a natural stainless steel finish is excellent for a cold plunge pool/spa but it can also have to have a Commercial PVC pool liner.