Your Pool Grating Solution for Safety and Style

Introducing DuraTech, the pool grating solution for any application. Our grates are designed to be versatile and flexible, accommodating any pool gutter or trench width and able to be installed in a variety of configurations. Whether you need a grating solution for your bulkheads, deck drains, or anywhere else, DuraTech is the answer.

In addition, our grates are not only functional but also safe. They are certified slip-resistant and have undergone rigorous ASTM testing for strength, so you can be confident that they will not bend or snap. And for those looking for a personalized touch, our in-house team is dedicated to developing custom designs, colors, and etchings to meet your unique needs. With DuraTech, you can enjoy a safer and more stylish pool edge.

RenoSys slip resistant grating

Check out all of our Grating Options

A commercial pool interlocking grating system


This design makes the installation a “snap” for both straight and radial configurations. The interlocking grating can accommodate gutter widths from 8″ to 18″.

A newly installed polygrate grating system


By far our strongest pool grating system! PolyGrate is machined from single, solid sheets of marine-grade HDPE and is completely customizable.
A Granite Pool Grating system freshly installed


Luxurious granite grating is perfect for resorts, country clubs, upscale apartment developments, or any pool that is looking for a stunning finish.
Our I-Bar grating system installed in a commercial pool


A safe walking surface with a wave capturing design makes I-Bar ideal for competition pools and particularly well suited for installation on bulkheads.
A commercial T-bar grating system


Industry-standard wide profile grating designed to provide maximum foot support and slip-resistance for an ultra-safe walking surface.
A stainless steel pool gutter

Pool Gutters

Spec our stainless steel or PVC gutters for your project, or replace your existing pool’s leaking recirculation system.

Like What You See? RenoSys Does More Then Just Grating.

Anything from Simple Interior Renovations to Gutter/Liner Projects or even a full Aquatic Conversion, We Do It All.

A before and after image of a commercial liner installation
Leaking, Deteriorated or Abrasive Pool Interior?
Our commercial pool shell is constructed on-site from a proven 60-mil thick commercial reinforced membrane. It is textured to provide nonabrasive slip resistance, is pore-free for ease of maintenance, and offers dependable watertight containment for deteriorated pools that are experiencing leaks.
DuraTech Stainless Steel Gutters for your Recirculation System Problems.
If your existing recirculation piping has failed, we’ve got your solution.  A new return/supply Stainless Steel perimeter gutter.  This can be stand alone or combined with a new PVC pool interior.

Pool Deck or Locker Room Flooring Need A New Look?

We’ve got you covered

RecDeck is a slip-resistant yet comfortable pool deck surface that is UV resistant and slip resistant. RecDeck is a low-maintenance flooring solution that is designed for bare feet in a wet environment.  We can get your deck surfaces looking like new.

A RecDeck PVC deck liner in an indoor pool

FuturaPool for New Pool Construction

We offer FuturaPool, a pre-designed fully welded stainless steel pool with a custom PVC interior.  We often work directly with park departments to not only save on design, but you can also compound the savings by using your force account labor and local standard trade contractors to save even more.  Because we use 304L and 316L Stainless steel, we offer a 50-year wall and 25 year pool interior warranty on FuturaPool projects.

Stainless steel buttress system on a new stainless steel commercial pool by RenoSys

Want to learn more about our process?

Are you interested in learning how RenoSys transforms pools? If so, then this webinar is for you.

In this comprehensive webinar, we will discuss the RenoSys renovation process and how it can help you transform your pool. From design to installation, we will cover all aspects of the RenoSys renovation process and provide insights into why it is a top choice for pool renovations. We will also discuss some of the use cases of RenoSys products and services, so that you can get a better understanding of how they can be used to improve your pool’s look and feel.

Join us for this informative webinar to learn more about how RenoSys can help you renovate your pool!

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