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Safety Landing Pads

Visitor safety is paramount in the aquatic industry, so we developed the industry standard pool safety landing pad. SoftSide is specifically designed for installation in commercial pool facilities to protect against injuries.

Don’t fall for anything less.

Our landing pads are custom built to suit your requirements and are easy to install.

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The Safety landing pad designed for aquatics

A SoftSide pool safety landing pad is perfect for today’s demanding fall zone applications. SoftSide is an incredibly durable, watertight, textured, slip-resistant covered foam landing pad system designed for water playground and pool use.

When we began developing these landing pads, we set out to create something that would address the needs specific to aquatic facility operators. The result is a landing pad that remains watertight when fully submerged, passes ASTM testing for fall attenuation, and is slip-resistant even when wet.

Showing the layers of foam inside a RenoSys safety pad.

What makes the RenoSys safety landing pad better than the rest?

Inside each pool safety landing pad is at least three 1″ layers of dense, shock-absorbing foam. The foam is mounted on top of a 1/4″ PVC plate, so it isn’t exposed underneath like other pads.

The assembly is covered with the same slip-resistant 60mil PVC membrane that we use to line pools – so you know everything is sealed and watertight.

The best pool safety landing pad.

Low maintenance

Each pad is very easy to keep clean with just a mop or sponge. Biocides which are formulated into the PVC and foam help to resist algae and fungus growth.

Improved public safety

The embossed PVC surface covering provides excellent slip-resistance, even when wet. Our 4″ thick pads pass CPSC-ASTM 1292 tests for impact attenuation to drop heights of 12′.

Resillient & watertight

The reinforced PVC membrane covering is heat welded to the base and is fully adhered to the foam interior for a durable and completely watertight product. 

Secure mounting

Every pad is supplied to pre-drilled holes on the base plate, and fastening hardware to secure the pad and prevent shifting and floating when submerged.

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Every Softside safety pad is custom built to fit your specific needs. Pool edge, slide runouts, pole coverings, and fall zone pads are available in any configuration.

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