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It’s Not Too Late to Renovate

Our PVC pool lining system has saved thousands of pools from closure.

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Our pool membrane is made from flexible 60mil commercial grade PVC that is incredibly effective at resisting leaks and tearing. 

10 Year Warranty

We’re proud to back our PVC membrane with an industry-leading 10 year service warranty. 


The RenoSys PVC membrane is a low maintanence pool interior that does not require regular resurfacing and is backed by a generous warranty.

RenoSys offers faster turnaround times than other common pool resurfacing or reconstruction options. Fall, winter, or summer break are the perfect time to schedule your renovation, so you can get it done while the kids have fun!

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The PVC membrane is welded on site, so it fits perfectly in any pool configuration.

The Superior Pool Interior


Eliminates the need for the ongoing and costly patching, painting, or re-tiling of other pool interior surface coatings. 

Reduced operating costs

Our membrane is easy to keep clean and is pH neutral, making it easier to maintain water chemistry. This can reduce yearly chemical costs by 15% – 20%.

Less down time

Installation often takes half the time as other methods, and can be done during mid-term breaks.

Protects the pool shell

With no cracks and no yearly repainting and patching, the pool shell will maintain it’s surface and structural integrity for a greatly extended period of time.

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