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Stories & Announcments

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  • A not-So-Ordinary Renovation for an Ordinary School Swimming Pool
    Serving the local swim team and students of the South Puttman high school along with members of the surrounding community – day in and day out, 12 months a year – generally does not make for splashy headlines or warrant national media attention. But it is exactly this type of […]
  • The Best Repair Options for Public Pools
    Aquatic facilities are often on a tight budget when they need an upgrade to their pool, especially when older pools have leaking, spalled or deteriorated surfaces. Whether your pool was constructed of concrete, fiberglass, steel or aluminum, you can rely on a textured PVC pool membrane liner to effectively contain […]
  • Extend the Life of Your Pool with a PVC Membrane
    It’s inevitable that season after season of harsh pool chemicals, general usage, improper or delayed maintanence, and changing weather conditions can all play a role in aging your public pool facility. If your facility is in a colder climate and exposed to the elements, that deterioration speeds up.
  • Slippery When Wet: Why Textures Are So Important At Your Pool
    If your facility has a gutter trough system, you’re sure to often see people hop, stand, and sit on the grates. While children are the usual culprits, chances are you’ve seen a fair share of adults do it too.  Asking your guests to stay off the grates can be a […]
  • Do I need To Keep Water In My Pool If It Is Closed?
    As Memorial Day weekend approaches, the unfortunate reality is that many operators simply can not reopen their swimming pools to the public as we battle the COVID-19 outbreak. We have had many questions from customers regarding the best shutdown procedures to follow for pools with our PVC Membrane installed.
  • Swimming Pools: Stainless Steel vs Concrete
    Elevated pools and spas are an ever popular design trend: hotels, casinos, luxury apartments can all benefit from a well-designed above-grade pool. Once it’s decided that the building design is to include a rooftop pool, it is time to look at what options are available, including what could save you […]
  • What To Do If There Are Cracks In Your Pool
    Do you see cracks in your pool’s surface? RenoSys has you covered: literally. The RenoSys PVC pool membrane system is the cost-effective, smart choice for renovating older public pools. When we install the durable 60 mil custom-textured PVC pool shell over your pool’s existing interior, it spans cracks, and makes […]
  • Ready to Take the Plunge? Cold Plunge Pools & Spas by RenoSys
    Cold plunge pools and spas are a great addition to spas, health clubs, and rehabilitation centers. Cold plunge vessels help to soothe inflammation and revitalize tired bodies, and they’re the perfect post-exercise experience.
  • How to Prevent Slips & Falls at Your Pool
    According to OSHA statistics, over 25,000 so-called “slip-and-fall” injuries occur every single day, and lead to over eight million ER visits in a year. So as a pool operator, what can you do to help prevent any of those injuries happening to your employees or guests at your pool, natatorium, […]
  • Tips for Locating A Pool Leak
    If you suspect your pool is leaking, but aren’t sure how to check on your own, don’t panic. Below is a step-by-step guide to help determine if (and from where) your pool is leaking. This guide is intended for operators of commercial and public pools.
  • Aluminum Pool Renovation
    We’re going to take a look at aluminum pools, and how RenoSys solves a common problem they develop. Aluminum pools are particularly common indoors and in high schools. They face a specific and unique issue in the form of galvanic corrosion. While galvanic (or electrolytic) corrosion sounds like a complicated […]
  • How is COVID-19 Affecting Pool Projects?
    The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is seeing many businesses temporarily suspend or reduce operations. We wanted to share how RenoSys has adjusted its day-to-day operations as we do our part in helping to slow the spread of the coronavirus.