SummitSeries™ Elevated Pools

Elevated Stainless Steel Pools & Spas

Elevating Aquatics

SummitSeries features a fully welded 304 or 316 stainless steel vessel that is available in any imaginable interior finish, including a natural stainless finish, ceramic tile or a RenoSys PVC Pool Shell.


Our 30,000 square foot in-house stainless steel manufacturing facility and our decades of experience in manufacturing metallic pools has resulted in engineered pools and spas that are custom designed to meet your specific project conditions and timeline.


All SummitSeries pool projects are static and pressure tested to ensure a completely leak free project, all backed by our 10 year warranty.


Optional Features

  • Negative edge or standard edge.
  • Cascade, waterfall, and spillover features available.
  • Geometric, round, or custom shapes.
  • May be built on-site or prefabricated.
  • Variety of finishes available.
  • Available with SweptAway chloramine removal system.

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