Aquatic facilities are often on a tight budget when they need an upgrade to their pool, especially when older pools have leaking, spalled or deteriorated surfaces. Whether your pool was constructed of concrete, fiberglass, steel or aluminum, you can rely on a textured PVC pool membrane liner to effectively contain water, seal structural cracks and solve problems such as leaks. The PVC Pool Membrane spans cracks, has an aesthetically pleasing look, and offers the added benefit of providing a softer surface and more secure footing for users, especially those doing water aerobic classes. Using a PVC pool membrane is always less expensive than conventional renovation, so you’ll be able to reallocate funds toward options like waterslides and fun water-play elements that will entice new, family-oriented members.

Repairs Around the Pool

In addition to fixing your pool’s surface, you can improve your pool deck and locker rooms by using PVC pool deck surfacing to enhance the look and feel of the facility with a beautiful and highly slip resistant finishing touch.  Installing a new PVC or stainless steel pool gutters also provides an immediate facelift to the pool, while simultaneously eliminating pressure pipe leaks.  There are grating options that fit any trench width and come in a variety of styles including PVC, Stainless, fiberglass and even new granite options that make pools look stunning.

Choosing A Pool Repair Contractor

To obtain the most cost-effective renovation design, look for a turnkey, design or build solution. Certain companies specialize in multiple levels of pool renovation assistance: from design to manufacturing and installation. When you work with such a design or build partner, you’ll often see dramatic savings over the conventional construction process. Be sure the company you work with has experience in your type of facility, as well as the ability to bond your project. The right partner will know how to make the most of the pool you have now, using a combination of technology and products to convert your old, tired pool into an aquatic centerpiece. Attractive, comfortable and low-maintenance swimming pools are central to the success of any aquatic facility. Now is the time to spruce up your old pool with renovation solutions that give you a modern, trouble-free pool that will last for decades. Having a showcase aquatic center is key to bringing in new business and retaining customers. Renovate your pool today to give your facility the boost it needs.