A pool at Warwick being filled with water after a new pvc commercial pool liner installation

Once your new RenoSys PVC pool liner is installed on your commercial pool, you may find that you have a few questions. We write our blog and information pages to address basic, frequently-asked questions that our clients may have. For more in-depth answers, or for specific questions not addressed, please call us and speak with a member of our support team.

1. Is there’s water under the membrane?

Occasionally, water may collect under the PVC membrane. First, locate the large pump-out and remove the cap by turning it (try using needle nose pliers if it’s not budging). Next, make an incision in the liner. Grab your Shop-Vac and remove any water or air trapped below. Carefully move the liner into place; add RTV Caulk or Teflon Tape around the cap threads. When you’re finished with that, thread the cap back into the large pump-out hole. If you have any questions about this procedure, just give us a call – we’re here to help.

2. Keep Your Commercial Pool Liner Clean

In your close-out kit, we include a lot of helpful information about how to remove stains and what type of cleaner is best for the situation. We can say briefly that common household cleaners are best (SoftScrub with bleach, etc.) but we also advise do NOT use granular chlorine, copper or calcium-based cleaners. Again, if you need help making sure your pool shell is in top shape, call a RenoSys professional.

3. No wading / shallow-end pump-out? No problem.

If you’re wondering why you don’t see a pump-out in your kids wading or shallow area, it’s missing for a good reason. Shallow or wading areas have just too little water. Kids could (and most likely would) play with the plug and pull it out, which would lead to water under the pool shell. Obviously, you don’t want to create a situation where you’ll risk causing problems with your new pool membrane.

4. If there’s air under the membrane.

Just as with water, air can become trapped beneath your pool shell. RenoSys is aware that air can get stuck and adds air-outs on the membrane wall. All you have to do is remove the air-out screw and guide the air toward the air-out, smoothing the membrane as you go. Replace the screw once all the air has been removed. An alternate method is to fill your pool with the air-out screws removed; sometimes the water pressure itself can push the air out, although be sure to stop filling the pool right before it reaches the air-out. Otherwise, you would have to revert back to our guide on removing water below the pool membrane!

5. General pool leak concerns.

Unfortunately, we cannot provide a comprehensive answer to your question without conducting a personal inspection of your facility. As there are numerous scenarios that could cause leaks to occur in your PVC membrane, we cannot cover them all, but the most common reason is damage caused by rocks or debris.

It’s important to remember that even small amounts of water loss in your PVC membrane can add up to significant water wastage over time. If you have concerns about your PVC membrane’s integrity, please don’t hesitate to contact us as soon as possible.

6. Closing your pool for the season.

It’s important that you maintain your pool throughout the year, including closing for winter and opening for spring/summer. A RenoSys membrane is durable and designed to withstand many years of use. You can leave water in the pool during winter, or remove it. If you leave water in, we recommend the water be lower than the lowest penetration in the pool. You should also try and account for an average amount of precipitation you would expect in the off-season. Before opening in spring, it’s a good idea to take stock of your commercial pool, as well as clean any parts of the membrane that need it.

RenoSys knows that you will have years of enjoyment with our watertight PVC membrane system. While we’ve tried to cover some of the questions or concerns you may have, we’re always available to answer specific questions about your commercial pool. Call us today at 800-783-7005 and one of our knowledgeable team members is happy to help.

Still have questions?

Give us a call or request a free quote from one of our qualified professionals. They will help you figure out your problem and give you specialized information on how much it should cost and how we would do it the RenoSys way.