Transforming your Old Pool.  Webinar. 10/19/22

Presented by the team at RenoSys – 35 years of Saving Old Pools.

Todays webinar hosts. Thank you for joining us and feel free to share this webinar with your colleagues who may benefit from it. Feel free to contact us for a free quote (see below), to hire us for a modestly priced Renovation Evaluation which includes a full written report including cost estimating and long term facility renovation recommendations. This website has pages on many of the products discussed today including FuturaPool SS Walls, DuraTech PVC And Stainless Steel gutters, Grating, PVC Membranes for pools and decks as well as many other product systems for pools.

Not Sure Where to Get Started?

If you are in need of help repairing a pool or are not sure where to get started we would love to help. Contact us today for a free no pressure quote, from a qualified professional, where we can give an official cost assessment or if you just need advice on what to do.

Curated supporting documents, resources, and helpful links.

National Drowning Prevention Association

Remember – Saving Pools Saves Lives. Learn to Swim Programs in safe pools is your strongest argument for keeping your pools open.

Total Aquatic Programming

A US Swimming and industry-sponsored resource point for companies and agencies contemplating building a new training or competitive pool.  These annual multi-day seminars are invaluable for the programming and design ideas presented.  RenoSys is proud to be selected as a Gold Sponsoring member and annual presenter.


Concrete penetrating sealer for pools. If you do elect to build a pool with concrete we suggest it be poured and coated with this compound to extend the life by- elimination water penetration.

Vanguard PRECAST Concrete Pools

This is a precast wall system built for the low cost and ease of construction as well as for consistent mix and cure quality. Vanguard Pools is a division of your Webinar presenters.