Executive Summary: The Shorewood Hills Pool project represents a pivotal case study in the municipal recreation sector, showcasing the effective collaboration between local government and industry specialists. This white paper outlines the renovation of the Shorewood Hills Olympic-size outdoor pool, emphasizing the installation of a RenoSys PVC pool membrane and associated improvements. By detailing this project, this document aims to provide valuable insights into best practices for municipal facility upgrades, sustainable operations, and community engagement.

Introduction: Nestled between Lake Mendota and Madison, the Village of Shorewood Hills is home to the area’s only Olympic-size outdoor pool. Since its establishment in 1970, this facility has become a keystone of community life, supported by a strong membership base. In response to aging infrastructure and evolving community needs, the village undertook significant renovations in 2023, partnering with RenoSys, a leader in the pool construction and renovation industry for over 36 years.

Project Background: The Shorewood Hills Pool, a 50-meter, 10-lane facility, required upgrades to maintain its structural integrity and user appeal. The village conducted a comprehensive structural assessment of the existing cement pool surface, confirming the need for a modern, durable solution to extend the pool’s lifespan and enhance its functionality.

Selection of RenoSys: RenoSys was selected for this renovation due to its extensive experience and reputation in the industry. Specializing in PVC pool membranes and other aquatic solutions, RenoSys has established itself as a trusted name in delivering high-quality, cost-effective renovations that meet the specific needs of community pools.

Media Coverage: The project garnered significant media attention, notably from Aqua Magazine, a leading publication in the aquatics industry. Their detailed coverage of the renovation highlights the innovative approaches and technologies used in the project, providing valuable exposure and credibility. For more details on this feature, the article can be accessed through the following link: Aqua Magazine Article on Shorewood Hills Pool.

Renovation Details:

  • PVC Membrane Installation: The primary component of the renovation was the replacement of the old surface with a RenoSys 60-mil flexible PVC membrane. This material was chosen for its durability, nonabrasive slip resistance, and watertight containment capabilities.
  • Operational Improvements: Alongside physical renovations, operational strategies were enhanced to ensure the facility’s self-sustainability. This included revising membership fee structures and enhancing user experience to boost engagement and support.
  • Community and Environmental Impact: The project was designed with an eye toward environmental impact and community benefit, ensuring that the pool remains a valued asset without burdening taxpayers.

Outcomes and Benefits: The installation of the new RenoSys liner has revitalized the Shorewood Hills Pool, allowing it to host significant events such as the 2024 Madison All-City Swim Meet. The renovation has:

  • Improved the aesthetic and functional quality of the pool.
  • Increased safety and comfort for users.
  • Enhanced the pool’s reputation as a community hub.

Sustainability and Future Considerations: The project underscores the importance of sustainable practices in municipal recreation management. Shorewood Hills Pool serves as a model for other communities, demonstrating how innovative solutions can align with fiscal responsibility and environmental stewardship.

Conclusion: The Shorewood Hills Pool renovation project exemplifies successful collaboration between a municipality and a seasoned industry leader like RenoSys. This partnership has not only restored a vital community resource but has also set a benchmark for similar projects nationwide, showcasing how thoughtful investments in infrastructure can pay dividends in community satisfaction and engagement.

References: Information about RenoSys and its products was sourced from their official website (renosys.com), ensuring accurate representation of their solutions and corporate philosophy in this white paper. The media coverage by Aqua Magazine further validates the project’s significance and success.